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AP Statistics: Results of Discrimination Hiring Activity Simulation: DOTPLOT

What conclusions would you make about this airline hiring 5 females and 3 males? Is it possible? Are you suspicious of the ratio between males and females? What if 6 females were hired, would you be convinced this was a fair hiring practice? How would you describe this graph? Which "stat" words would you use? 

HOVER over the graph: It's INTERACTIVE

AP STAT Student Data For Analysis

Think...Who are the INDIVIDUALS?
Think...What are the variables?
Think...Is this a CATEGORICAL or QUANTITATIVE Variable?


Needed Materials (AP CSP and AP CSA "Java" Students)

AP CSP and AP CSA "Java" Students

1) Your Assigned ACER or your own LAPTOP from home.

  • We will use this DAILY
  • Come with a full battery or arrive early to find an outlet
2) Optional: We highly recommend a WIRELESS MOUSE to help with navigation. They can be found on-line on Amazon for under $10.

3) Optional: Bring a CELLPHONE if you have one.

4) Any basic calculator

5) Pen and Pencil

6) cheap pair of earbuds

7) CS A "Java" students need a USB THUMB-DRIVE

Learning Mnemonics: Can You Really Hack Your Memory?