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FAQ for Parents

Common Questions Asked by Parents

1) Where can my child get free one on one help?

  • AHS Math Tutoring Center V-205. (before school, lunchtime and 6th period)
  • Support Period, L-5, 7:50am, show up early
  • Ask the Media Center about their schedule for all subjects

2) How do I check my child’s grade?
  • Aeries Portal Site
    • I do not have your login credentials. Please ask the counseling department.

3) Why does my child have a ZERO for a in-class problems/quizzes?

  • Thoughts and info about quizzes:
  • Over the course of a semester, we take dozens of quizzes.
  • Most days, quizzes are just one problem.
  • Most days, we take “ALL OR NOTHING” quizzes, (100% or 0%) meaning no partial credit.
  • For the most part, quizzes are NOT small versions of tests
  • Most quizzes are incredibly short with instant feedback for the student and myself related to that days’ lesson.
  • By the end of the semester, it is very common for students to have a much higher quiz average than their test average. When the material is fresh and basic, students do very well initially.
  • Tests are more demanding than quizzes covering more material over a long period of time. 

4) When is homework checked?

  • Homework is worth 0% but if a student does ALL of the HW, Textbook Reviews, they will get a 5% test bonus. There is no partial credit for this bonus.
  • HW will be assigned as soon as we teach that corresponding section. 
  • All HW assignments can be found on the class website. 
  • It is nearly impossible to pass without practicing through the HW. 
  • On the day of the test, we collect HW Notebooks from the students who have completed all HW and reviews.

5) When is the next test?

  • Look for the link Class Calendars near the top right margin. 
  • If you have a Google Calendar, you can import this calendar into your own calendar program.

6) What can we do to help my child prepare learn and prepare?

  • Click on the link that says "LEARNING AND PREPARING." I list several resources for success.

7) Are you thinking, "I get lots of e-mails from Mr. Keays but it looks like he is addressing the students." 

  • If you see an e-mail which starts, "Hey Class," That means, I sent a mass e-mail to the students and all of the parents got a copy.
  • If you see an e-mail which starts, "Hey Parents," That means, I sent a mass e-mail ONLY to the parents and NOT to the students.

8) Do you have a class wishlist where the school's budget comes up short? Yes. Please e-mail me to check if these items have been purchased or for any additional details. Thanks for reading.

2015-2016 Wishlist

  • Table cleaner and paper towels
  • Spray Air Fresheners
  • A Chromecast
  • Lots of Post-it notes for student activities
  • 50 rolls of masking tape….cheapest available, 1 inch thick
  • Fathom Software for AP STAT
  • Snap Circuits Board Games
  • 16, 4 by 2 plastic ceiling panels and space decor. $960
  • 3 large spools of coated fishing line, Zipline Projects
  • Brother P-touch Label Refill
  • Money for 3 AP Prep Books
  • 1 new black table to match the other tables in the room ($160)
  • Class set of state of the art TI Nspire Calculators
  • Soundbar for TV
  • 2 Large Plastic Containers which can be stacked. 18 inches deep or so. Target has some purple containers which we like.
  • Large Fan for our hot weather days. Quiet, powerful and not bulky. Moving the air makes a huge difference on the days where out AC is not working.
  • I'm trying to create a place to store our whiteboards and other supplies underneath our 20 tables with clips and slim containers (Home Depot estimate $200.
  • C.U.E. Education Conference (estimate $2000)
  • Google Educator Summit Conference (estimate $2000)