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Grading: How Does It Work?

Your grade is calculated based upon a weighted average.

Weighted Averages
Grading for AP Statistics
Grading Scale

  • For all math classes other than CSP classes, it is an AHS mathematics department policy that you have the option to replace your lowest test score with the average of the lowest test score and your final exam score. (Exception, see note below for 0% cheating grades)
  • Please, DO NOT MISS the Day of a TEST!!! Expect a different special make-up test if you are absent.
  • On the average, we have about 2-8 tests per semester.
  • The tests are more demanding that what most students expect. Tests require a diverse set of problems which will require you to problem solve and connect multiple skills and concepts. The tests do not resemble the easier HW problems.
  • The posted practice tests are great practice for the tests.
  • All tests must be completed before the bell rings. Please show up nice and early.
  • Most tests will eventually be returned once every student has completed the test. However, all students are welcome to see their test and answers during support period. This does not apply to CSA tests.
  • Make-ups tests will take place at 6:55am. Don't be late.
  • If a student is caught cheating, it is an automatic 0% and a referral to the administration. You are placed on a two year academic probation. In addition, the 0% grade is not eligible to be averaged with your final exam score for the department wide policy. (see policy above) We would use to lowest non-cheating grade to average with the final exam score.
AP STAT Students:
NOTEBOOKS: (We use two separate composition notebooks) 
***This doesn't apply to AP CSP classes
1) Notes Notebook 
2) HW Notebook
  • Even though Paper Notes are worth 0% of your grade, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you take great notes. On occasion, your NOTES Notebook will be allowed to be used during the test. Consequently, taking better notes can lead to significant help as you prepare and during some tests.
  • Even though HW is worth 0% of your grade, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you do every HW assignment and reviews. It is nearly impossible to pass the class unless you put quality practice into your test preparation.
  • By Completing ALL of the following for a chapter, you will get an  EXTRA 5% TEST BONUS.
    • All Assigned HW
    • All Assigned Reviews
  • Partial HW or Reviews gets you 0 bonus points. 
  • These assignments are usually due the day of the test. You cannot go back at the end of the semester and then attempt your HW
  • To get the bonus extra test points, must be 1) Complete 2) On time

  • In class problems/quizzes/projects are usually easy and serve as a guide as we progress through the learning process. 
  • The quizzes are usually very short with just 1 problem. (100% or 0%). 
  • The in class problems/quizzes are mostly based upon what we learned that day. 
  • These short problems/quizzes are like temperature readings as we teach new material, therefore the problems/quizzes are elementary in nature.
  • Over the course of the semester, we will take as many as 40 quizzes each worth a variety of points.
  • If you are absent the day we take a quiz, there are no make-ups. However, the next quiz you take will be worth double. If you miss two quizzes, the next quiz will be worth triple and so on.
  • Quizzes are rarely returned since you will probably know your grade right away. However, all students are welcome to see their quizzes and answers during support.
  • A majority of these problems/quizzes are usually taken with a buddy where you turn in 1 piece of paper with 2 names on top.

  • Throughout the semester, I will assign projects and presentations on a variety of topics dealing with all sorts of problem solving, creativity and exploration.
  • These projects and presentations are designed for students to challenge themselves, use their creativity, discovery new things and are non-traditional in nature.

  • With the Common Core Standards, you will see lots of writing across all classes. 
  • You are expected to write your best work and use the standard MLA format with all papers. 
  • I suggest you use your LVUSD Google Drive account to create documents so that when I require you to turn it in via a link, Google Drive will give you a link to submit to me. 
  • Start learning about your SHARING settings with your LVUSD/Google Account

  • In the mathematics department, the first semester is given the week prior to winter vacation.
  • The CSP Final is in January
  • All finals are departmental and comprehensive
  • For all math classes other than CSP it is an AHS mathematics department policy that you have the option to replace your lowest test score with the average of the lowest test score and your final exam score. (Exception, see note below for 0% cheating grades)

***Doesn't apply to AP CSP or AP CSA "Java" classes
  • Sign up for a free Khan Academy account and select me as your "COACH." More details to follow within the SIGN UP PROJECT
  • See the links above for KHAN details regarding subjects to MASTER and the percentage points for each subject mastered.
  • An official due date will be announced which will be approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the end of the semester.
  • It is nearly impossible to achieve these bonuses unless you devote quality time throughout the semester. 
  • Khan has built in timers making it impossible to achieve mastery in a short time. Start early and chisel your efforts over the entire semester.