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Initial attempt at building a dynamic Digital Scene of the Pacman Game.
Abstractions, Functions, Loops, Variables and Randomization


Word Length Average Analysis of Federalist Papers Passage: AP Statistics

The actual word length average of the Passage is 4.9.

Average when the STUDENTS choose the 5 words=6.32
Average when the CALCULATOR chooses the 5 words=4.86

Which sampling technique is acceptable and why?

Notice the accuracy of the true S.R.S.
Notice the spread of the graphs as well. Guess which one has a smaller standard deviation.


AP Statistics: Results of Discrimination Hiring Activity Simulation: DOTPLOT

What conclusions would you make about this airline hiring 5 females and 3 males? Is it possible? Are you suspicious of the ratio between males and females? What if 6 females were hired, would you be convinced this was a fair hiring practice? How would you describe this graph? Which "stat" words would you use? 

HOVER over the graph: It's INTERACTIVE

AP STAT Student Data For Analysis

Think...Who are the INDIVIDUALS?
Think...What are the variables?
Think...Is this a CATEGORICAL or QUANTITATIVE Variable?

How To Have A Great First Day Of School

How To Have A Great First Day Of School

  1. Adjust your sleep schedule and take in quality fuel for your body/brain
  2. Arrive at school early and find your way around campus
  3. Keep a pic of the Bell Schedule on your phone
  4. Research teacher websites for particular supplies to bring
  5. Personal interactions with friends: ask questions, be positive, don’t judge, be empathic
  6. Start a TO DO list and get organized to be a step ahead
  7. Be creative and make a memorable first impression with all of your teachers
  8. 2100+ people can be overwhelming. Reach out to one new friend in every class
  9. Bring food or money for lunch
  10. Use your phone to take photos of info you’ll need later
  11. Listen for announcements of events and get involved
  12. Be YOU when it comes to clothing (confident and comfortable)
  13. Smile and ask questions
  14. Don’t obsess about what others are thinking about you