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Devoted Quality Time Outside of Class

Day to Day Learning and Preparing

  • Read your Notes (3-5 minutes a day): Retention
  • Find LINK: Create and Build your Vocabulary Flashcards
  • Find LINK: HW problems to practice from Textbook
  • Find LINK: Khan Academy Videos Lessons
  • Find LINK: Prentice Hall Video Lessons
  • Find LINK: Prentice Hall Lesson Quizzes
  • Find LINK: My Notes posted on the class website
  • Planning Ahead: Using the On-line Class Calendar: Which Lessons? Next Test?
  • Explore your own links/sites of interest connected to class
  • Read your friend's notes
  • Read your textbook
  • V-205 AHS Free Math Tutoring Center (Before school, Lunch and 6th Period)
  • L-5 Support at 7:50am
  • Private Tutor
  • Eat Healthy Foods, Stay Hydrated, Rest/Sleep, Balance your time
  • Perseverance and Grit

Test Preparation

  • Review Problems in the Textbook
  • Practice Test in the Textbook
  • Find LINK: Practice Test posted on the class website with answers. Sometimes I post video solutions on my YOUTUBE Channel.
  • Look for a paper copy of a "older" test handed out in class
  • Study with a friend
  • Look for "thick" problems which connect multiple sections and concepts
  • Challenge yourself to master the hardest problems
  • Find LINK: Prentice Hall On-line Practice Test
  • Study your Vocabulary Flashcards
  • Review your Notes