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Needed Materials (AP Statistics)

1) Get Your assigned Textbook from the library and keep it at home.

2) BUY at least 4 Marble Composition Notebooks used for Notes and Homework
  • Some stores have the GRAPH paper Composition Notebooks which can be very useful for many students.
  • Every dollar store sells them for $1 each. They will be $2+ in Staples. 
  • No SPIRAL Notebooks 

3) Pencils and Pens

4) Calculator
  • AP STAT classes= TI (Texas Instruments) TI-83 or TI-84 Graphing Calculator. There are several versions of the 83 and 84’s, any variation will due. Do not get the 85 or 89 models.
***If you would like to use your personal tablet notebook or laptop to take notes, that's great as well. Please see me for your expectations. Obviously, this technology is not required.