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Zipline Highlights

Flying Barbies, Dragons, Gumby/Pokey and Pikachus. Data Collection, Pythagoras, Measuring, Calculating, Spreadsheets, Asking Questions, Teamwork, Angles of Elevation and Depression, Building, Creating, Google Docs, Media, Recording, Regression , Analysis and Reflection.

What Is Mould?


How to USE the Grade 11 CAASPP Calculator

The Grade 11 State Wide Math Test will be taken May 19 and 20th. It's called CAASPP. (Not Star) It's a brand new test where everyone will be using a computer to take the test. Built into the test is an on-screen calculator. Please view this 3 minute video explaining how to use this calculator. You will NOT be using your everyday calculator which you bring to school.

Algebra 1: Intro to Functions 12-1 and 12-2

Hey Class

Click and view the 4 short videos below. I think you will find functions very easy. Please use your headphones to listen and view while you start your HW. Take notes!

I posted your test grades from Chapter 9 yesterday. Great job!

Chapter 12 is on your FINAL EXAM so please practice through the HW.

Functions are essential and fundamental in all future math classes.

Please be a motivated, self directed learner. Be kind and respectful. Enjoy!

Reminder: We need carabiners and your action figures for Thursday. Please bring those supplies!

AP Statistics: Advice from Authors

Why Don't We Burn Our Trash?


AP Statistics Free Response Review Resources

I highly suggest you click on the AP Central Exam Site to review the Free Response Questions from years past. There is an overwhelming amount of detail so I suggest clicking and viewing the "A" responses of the Student Examples. This will state the question and give you an example of the highest grade given from their grading scale.

The graders stated that reviewing the last few years will be the best way to prepare.


Why Did NASA Crash A Satellite Into Mercury?