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2nd Semester : New STUDENTS

Everyone welcome our new students to our classes for the rest of the year.

Attention New Students:
Find the PROJECTS section near the bottom right hand side of this class site. Please do the first 3 projects ASAP to get your orientation and signed into our digital accounts.
1) Email Assignment...5-10 minutes
2) Scavenger Hunt...30-90 minutes
3) Sign Up Project...15-30 minutes

AP Statistics....Applet Exploration...Confidence Intervals

Click on the COMPANION SITE on the right hand side and find the CONFIDENCE INTERVAL APPLET.

Are You Spinning Up Or Down? Quantum Entanglement


Top 10 Digital Accounts Every HS Student Should Be Using

How many accounts do you have? Feel free to ADD your best digital account you use all the time in the comments.


Using YOUR LVUSD Student Google Apps Account and
Google CLASSROOM Sign-in


You can ONLY log into GOOGLE CLASSROOM via your LVUSD Gmail account
Sample Email:
password is your full ID Number

2) EXPLORE CLASSROOM and look for the "+" sign to "JOIN a CLASS"

Enter one of the following CODES to JOIN our CLASSROOM.
Period 0- STAT      uivuqc

Period 2- Alg 1P    u5n63yn

Period 4- MA         nife77

Period 5- Geo BC    lg1kw3

Period 6- Alg 1P      xw4wa9v

3) Once you ADD a CLASS, click on the
KICKSTART Assignment within CLASSROOM.

This Kickstart assignment will be worth a PROJECT GRADE.

4) CLICK HERE to learn how to Connect Multiple Google Accounts


Geometry Honors....Chapter 6: QUADRILATERALS

Chapter 6 will be managed through a BLENDED/ FLIPPED Style of Learning

CLICK HERE for some thoughts on the FLIPPED/BLENDED STYLE

This style is STUDENT DRIVEN. Here are some resources at your fingertips.

1) Videos created by Mr. Keays posted on our website
2) Videos created by other sources: Textbook, Khan, Mr. Bacharach, and others
3) Reading the textbook
4) Reading our on-line notes
5) Search for Khan exercises
6) Hotmail for HW checks
7) Doing your HW in-class and not at home
8) Try multitasking, listening and watching videos and doing your HW
9) Explore and research through the internet QUADRILATERALS
10) Youtube is an amazing source of information
11) Keep an open and positive mindset.

You have 6 total days to learn and prepare for the next test covering Chapter 6. 

Test: Wednesday January 28th


AP STAT: David Lane from Rice University Applet