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HW Is Worth 0%: See the Results & Feedback

As a teacher, there is never a day where I say, "I cannot make it any better." I'm always in pursuit of change and to find one thing and make it better. So at the start of the school year, I decided to take a risk, make a change and rethink how we approach the traditions of HW. I decided to make HW 0% of their grade. However, there were a few twists.

1) I would still assign HW after each lesson, In addition, I would remind my students the HW is not for me, it is for you to practice, apply and master the skills and concepts.
2) 5% TEST BONUS. If a student completed ALL of their assigned HW and reviews for an entire chapter, they can turn in their HW the day of the test to receive a 5% TEST BONUS.

Overall, there was no punishment for not doing the HW, there was only a positive incentive for completing 100% of all of the assigned HWs and reviews. If a student turned in 90% of their HW for example, they did not get the bonus.

With 3 weeks left in the year, I put together a quick survey for my students to give me their feedback on the pros and cons of our HW policy. I'm not satisfied with the wording of the questions but I consider this feedback very informal and not designed to be published in an educational journal.

The sample was taken from 129 students. (5 HS Math Classes)

The first 3 questions were multiple choice questions and you can see the results in the charts below. However, the next 2 questions were free responses; in my opinion these responses are the most valuable testimonies from the students. Please click on this link below to see the all of their responses. I highlighted a few comments which spoke to me.


I did ask a final question, "At the end of the semester, what grade do you think you will achieve in this class." I have yet analyze these results, but it will be interesting to see if there is a correlation between student grades and the amount of HW completed.

I could compare year to year test results but since there are numerous variables affecting test prep and performance, I choose to use student feedback as a source of success. 

Overall, I have my own analysis but I suggest you create your own conclusions from this informal survey.