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Challenging Problems from Chapter 9: Honors Geometry

ATTENTION: Period 6 Students


CLICK HERE to see the 20 Challenging Problems from Chapter 9

You can CHOOSE your own partners. Choose wisely!

Only teams of 2 unless we have an extra student for one team of 3 students.

Work efficiently. It might be a challenge to finish by the end of the bell.

Each team will be competing against another team. However, you will not know the team you are competing against during the in-class project. Thursday morning during support, you can show up to see me randomly assign/MATCH up the teams.

Between the 2 competing teams, the winning team, with the highest score, automatically gets a 100%. The losing team keeps their raw score. Example, if Team A gets a 60% and Team B gets a 65%, Team B will get an automatic 100% for beating Team A. Team A keeps their 60%. If the 2 teams tie, no one gets the 100% bonus.

In addition, the teams with the top 3 raw scores will get an automatic 130%.

On Friday, you are to report to the PAEC. We are seeing a unique selection of 12 short films. Please arrive early since we are on a very tight schedule to view all 12 films. Bring your notes. Remember, there is absolutely NO FOOD and NO DRINKS of any kind allowed in the PAEC.

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