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Computational Thinking: Good Stuff!

I'm dreaming that all of my students can appreciate the power of this type of thinking and problem solving.


This Is Amazing: It changed my daughters life moments later.

Moments after watching this video with my daughter, the doorbell rang and she greeted the person at the door with the greatest respect and honor.


BREAKING NEWS: NEW Bell Schedule for this Wednesday

Overall, lunch is 15 minutes longer. 5 minutes are being trimmed from periods 2, 4,& 6.
Period 0:                 No change
Period 2:                 8:40-10:15
Nutrition:               10:15-10:25
Passing period:      10:25-10:35
Period 4:                10:35-12:15
Lunch:                   12:15-1:10
Passing period:      1:10-1:20
Period 6:                1:20-2:55


Nine Point Circle (Truly Amazing)

It's AMAZING that these 9 points form a circle.

Special Triangles and 4 Special Points

What happens when we have form and isosceles and equilateral triangle?

Euler Line

It is so difficult for three lines to intersect making the centroid, orthocenter and circumcenter very special points. It turns out these three points are allowed COLLINEAR, which is amazing! There is also a distance relationship between these three points. Cool stuff.

Summary of Special Segments

Here's a review of Medians, Altitudes, Angle Bisectors and Perpendicular Bisectors along with a review of the special points: Centroid, Orthocenter, Incenter and the Circumcenter.

Arthur Benjamin: Fibonacci Inspiration