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Motivation Monday: Inspiration from Ultra Athletes

It's hard to explain how these 3 athletes push the limits of what humans are capable of achieving mentally and physically.

1) Dean Karnazes: Ultra Runner: Highlight: Ran 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 different states
2) Annie Thorisdottir: Highlight: 2011 and 2012 CrossFit World Champion
3) Ben Lecomte: Ultra Swimmer: Swam across the Atlanta Ocean. Is schedule to swim from Japan to San Francisco within the next few months.

Feel free to google their names and read about their amazing accomplishments. Equally impressive is their giving spirits to several charities raising thousands of dollars and awareness.

When people say, "I didn't know that was even possible." That's cool.


Video of Dean Karnazes: Holds numerous records in Ultra Running

Video of Annie Thorisdottir: 2011 and 2012 CrossFit World Champion

Video of Ben Lecomte: Swam from Maine, USA to Europe across the Atlantic


Attention: GEOMETRY STUDENTS: Geometry Readiness Test

Please find the link on the right which says "Geometry Readiness Test"

This was recently created due to the slow boil of realizing that the retention of Algebra skills from middle school are very weak. Solid Algebra 1 skills are essentially for all math classes at AHS.

Please challenge yourself
1) Go to the link and print the Geometry Readiness Test
2) Take the 20 question test
3) The answer key is at the bottom. Please self-grade/assess. Use Integrity.
4) I'm in the process of creating video solution explanations of the answers. Stay tuned for more video solutions.
5) Go to M-10 or support and get a refresher

Here's a sample of the video solution for problems #1-3. Only view/check if you have completed the Readiness Test.



Nike 'Rise and Shine' commercial - Find Your Greatness

Anyone who has pushed themselves physically and mentally can probably relate to this commercial. Enjoy


How Do You Teach Someone How to be Creative?

In this TED Talk, Julie Burstein does a great job in my opinion about finding your creativity.

She talks about embracing 4 things. Check it out!



Try Something New for 30 Days

Great 3 minute TED Talk

Challenge yourself!


8 Secrets of Success

7 years and 500 interviews of very successful people.


Amazing: Exploring Our Underwater World

Here's another TED Talk with a very passionate deep sea explorer. What's NOAA? Enjoy

There is no such thing as a bad TED talk.


Innovation in Design

Very impressive work with 3-D design and manufacturing. Enjoy


There is No Such Thing as a Bad TED TALK.

This TED TALK is a must see. This presentation reeks passion and love for mathematics. It also connects two famous mathematicians who we have discussed in the first few weeks of the year. Periods 1,3,6 have heard of Euclid who is referenced and my Period 5 class learned about one of Euler's discoveries.

I hope you enjoy this TED TALK as much as I do.

Doing the impossible is fun!

Feel free to view any of the thousands of posted TED TALKS. I created a link to TED.com on this site on the left hand side.



New Link: Learning and Preparing

I just created a new LINK on the RIGHT which outlines all of the resources you have to LEARN and PREPARE.

Go through the resources organized by
1) Day to Day Learning and Preparing
2) Test Preparation

You have a very diversified set of resources to learn and prepare. Take the time to know and explore these resources.

Enjoy the short summary video clip

Invest in your Learning

2013 Geometry STAR Results

I am very proud of the chemistry, work ethic and results of my Geometry Classes from 2012-2013. Here's a 2 minute summary of how they scored.