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Advice from Former Students

General Advice
No Cell Phones in Class
Do well on tests
Always study for tests
Always be on-time
Always say "Thank You!"
Never miss class
Take good notes
Always be on-time and in-class
Take notes and get 10/10 on notebook quizzes
When Mr. Keays gives optional work DO IT! Pay Attention!
Always be on time and bring your notebook.
Don’t be absent. You will fall behind!
Bring all your materials.
Make sure you use the memory cards
Ask Mr. Keays about his daughters
Study for all tests and participate as much as you can
Do your HW all of the time because the points will add up
Don’t sleep in class!
Take good notes for every lesson
Don’t do drugs!
Keep everything organized
Turn in your notebook with all complete work
Work very hard at the proofs. Find your LIGHT!
Listen to your teachers
Listen and do not play graphing calculator games
Do the extra HW. It helps you study and it gives you extra points.
Do your HW and study for the tests
Don’t talk while Mr. Keays is talking and be polite
If Mr. Keays says something three times and taps the board with his pen, star the problem in your notebook, because it will be on the test.
Always pay attention…don’t Whine!
Have an A+ friend
Don’t wait to the last week of school to get an A
Take quizzes seriously
Be nice to Mr. Keays and ask about his kids
Say "Thank you!" and be respectful
Do all your work
Do all your work in your notebook
Do your HW!!!!!
You must do your notebook and study for his tests!
Do the optional work
Always do your HW right away and on-time
Always have your binder
Don’t talk when Mr. Keays is talking
Respect Mr. Keays when he is talking
Show him that you care to learn in his class.
Always Participate!
Ask him to go over your HW and TESTS!
Mr. Keays always says, "You have to be perfect at this!" He means it.
When he taps on the board, pay attention!
Always bring your calculator
Don’t fall behind
Always do you HW and never procrastinate and do it at the last minute.
Even though Mr. Keays gives you time in class to start your HW, bring your binder home and do your work
Enjoy the class!
Respect Everyone
Help others
Take the class seriously

Funny Advice
Bring Mr. Keays Amazon Gift Cards
Suck up to Mr. Keays and be careful what you say around him because he might yell at you.
Kiss major butt. Be a brown noser and put candy in notebooks.
Ask Mr. Keays for his Robo-Cop Impersonation.
To kiss up you should bring him chocolate. To kiss up some more, go get his lunch for him.
Bring Mr. Keays Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
Exploit Mr. Keays’ chocolate addiction
Pretend to pay attention
Bring chocolate for Mr. Keays
Bring Mr. Keays candy or EXPO pens if you turn something in late.
Bring Mr. Keays chocolate and kiss major @$$.
Mr. Keays loves chocolate.