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Geometry BC: Period 3

Hey Class

Welcome Back!

Your test covering Chapter 8(sections 1-3) is on Wednesday.

Please be Productive
Complete your HW
Complete the book reviews
Complete the practice tests

Help one another
Prepare your notes
Don't miss the day of the test on Wednesday

Be on your best behavior

One person has the pass at a time.

Geometry Prep: Period 1

Hey Class

Welcome Back!

Please CLICK HERE to see the videos you need to watch and take notes on.

Find the 4 videos from the Chapter 5 list from the link.

Watch the videos
Take great notes

This chapter has the most vocabulary

Use our class notes as a reference 5-1, 5-2, 5-3

Use the Prentice Hall Videos as well. Chapter 5

Start your HW is possible.

Stay productive

One person with the pass at a time. Be on your best behavior.

Mr. Keays

AP STATISTICS: Authors & Graders Reviewing Previous 2014 AP Exam


Please SCAN/START the video around 40 seconds.

This a great video by the authors of our textbook who are also the directors of GRADING for the AP Exam.

Please watch this video with your HEADPHONES.  Appreciate the level of detail the graders expect moving forward as your write your free response answers. Lots to learn.

Finish the video at home for HW since it is longer than the class period.

Late Start Schedule

Why is it Harder to Drive Backwards?