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Visually STUNNING. Must See!

Beautiful combination of design, geometry, technology and engineering.


Is the Oldest Child Smarter?

There is lots of research and statistical analysis in Sociology. Here's a quick summary of some personality traits of children within families which have been researched for years.


AP STAT Review Project Due Tuesday Night

This is an individual project but you can consult anyone you desire for assistance inside or outside of class.

Each correct answer is worth 2%.

60/60=120% Max Score

The answer form will close at 10pm on Tuesday night. 


Think Outside The Box Project Solution

I am about halfway through reading the amazing reflections from our Think Outside The Box Project. I am so proud that we can look past such a trivial task of counting and see the amazing power to problem solve, see solutions and strategies from another perspective, value teamwork and communication, reflect upon on mistakes, and see our parents in a different light. I know some of you didn't get 40 squares but that was not the point. I am honored to read your papers. Thank you for valuing this experience.

How Does Your Brain MAP 3D Space? Hexagons, Statistics, Science and Efficiency Coming Together


Is Perpetual Motion Possible?

Very cool connections between Invention, Mathematics, Physics, Power, Art and Creativity.