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Are You An Explorer?

Here's another TED Talk with a very passionate deep sea explorer. What's NOAA? Enjoy

There is no such thing as a bad TED talk.


How Do You Teach Someone How To Be CREATIVE?

In this TED Talk, Julie Burstein does a great job in my opinion about finding your creativity.

She talks about embracing 4 things. Check it out!



Dotplot: Student Height in Inches and Centimeters of AP Students

There Is No Such Thing As a Bad TED Talk.

This TED TALK is a must see. This presentation reeks passion and love for mathematics. It also connects two famous mathematicians who we have discussed in the first few weeks of the year. Periods 1,3,6 have heard of Euclid who is referenced and my Period 5 class learned about one of Euler's discoveries.

I hope you enjoy this TED TALK as much as I do.

Doing the impossible is fun!

Feel free to view any of the thousands of posted TED TALKS. I created a link to TED.com on this site on the left hand side.



Needed Materials (AP Statistics)

1) Get Your assigned Textbook from the library and keep it at home.

2) BUY at least 4 Marble Composition Notebooks used for Notes and Homework
  • Some stores have the GRAPH paper Composition Notebooks which can be very useful for many students.
  • Every dollar store sells them for $1 each. They will be $2+ in Staples. 
  • No SPIRAL Notebooks 

3) Pencils and Pens

4) Calculator
  • AP STAT classes= TI (Texas Instruments) TI-83 or TI-84 Graphing Calculator. There are several versions of the 83 and 84’s, any variation will due. Do not get the 85 or 89 models.
***If you would like to use your personal tablet notebook or laptop to take notes, that's great as well. Please see me for your expectations. Obviously, this technology is not required.

Cool Geometry of Light and Stars