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What is Mr. Musk up to? Bonus Math History Lesson As Well

Many of you selected Mr. Musk as a major contributor to the world. Here's his latest idea.


John's Rant on our Federal Minimum Wage Debate

Many of you will probably be affected by these government decisions regarding the new minimum wage. Taking an intro course to Economics can be a life altering experience. As you move through your educational journey, please explore and connect how Economics, Mathematics, Politics, Business and Sociological issues are all connected. John gives a quick and entertaining take on its effects. It's just his opinion. Do you own research and have your own opinions. In the meantime, be a good listener.


Period 1 In-class Buddy PROJECT

Click here to see YOUR PARTNER

You have all period to work with your partner and ONLY your partner.

You can use your textbook, notes, flashcards, computer, calculator and your partner.

Work together. Communication will be key. Learn from one another and ask each other questions.

Think the problems through and problem solve

Turn in all answers NEATLY. Please box the answers.

Show your work and 2 names go on top just like a buddy quiz.

You can use blank paper from the center of the room or your quiz paper.

CLICK HERE to SEE the 20 questions.

If done before the bell, you can tackle your recommended KHAN Assignments to get to the MASTERY LEVEL.

Tick Tock Tick Tock. Get to work!



10/20 or worse....0%

Bonus are 5% each, so you could get a 130% if you got 20/20 + Bonuses A and B correct.

Animation, Motion, Geometry, Spacing, Timing, Art